Founded in 1973, SSI Investment Management (“SSI”) is a boutique, institutional asset management firm that seeks to add value by delivering better risk-adjusted returns for its clients, while focusing on safety, consistency, and preservation of capital.

The cornerstone of SSI’s vision has always been a focus on innovative, alternative ideas that resonate in the marketplace.  As such, SSI offers investment solutions utilizing a mix of Convertible and Equity strategies that are ideal for investors seeking growth while limiting downside risk, especially given today’s volatile and rapidly changing market conditions.

SSI stands out in terms of the depth and continuity of the Investment Team, as well as the investment process and performance, having been ranked as one of the top performing Convertible managers by Pension & Investments (P&I), both on a 1-year and 5-year basis as of 12/31/2018.

 SSI believes that building the right culture in its organization is of utmost importance.  Investment professionals working in a positive, kind, humble, and supportive culture deliver better investment results and a satisfied client experience at a reasonable cost.  Just as investors care about the culture and values presented by the companies they invest in, so they care about the culture and values of the managers they invest through.  This is further reflected in SSI’s significant employee-ownership structure of the Firm, reinforcing the stability of the Investment Team and its accountability.


“The application of statistical analysis and fundamental research is essential to achieving investment results that provide safety, consistency, good returns, and most importantly preservation of capital.“


John Gottfurcht, Founder, Chairman Emeritus

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