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Innovative Investment Strategies For Over Four Decades


The cornerstone of SSI’s vision has always been a focus on innovative, alternative ideas. As such, SSI offers investment solutions utilizing a mix of Convertible and Equity strategies that are ideal for investors seeking growth while limiting downside risk, especially given today’s volatile and rapidly changing market conditions.


Conservative Equity Alternative

Broad equity participation through the full spectrum of available convertible securities.


Fixed Income Alternative

Utilizes an absolute return focus in unleveraged and leveraged products.


Multi Asset Portfolio

Absolute return that utilizes a variable market exposure component to help preserve capital.


SSI sets forth to develop innovative strategies which may exceed clients’ objectives in any market environment over the long term, to establish a resourceful organization that anticipates and adapts to change, and to create a legacy that underscores SSI’s commitment to building successful portfolios and long lasting client relationships.


2021 Convertible Market Outlook

It was the best performance of the convertible asset class since 2009. We expect convertibles to once again outperform most other asset classes.

Convertible Bonds: 2020 Mid-Year Outlook

Our outlook for convertible bonds for the second half of 2020 remains constructive. Convertibles provide exposure to fast growing, higher beta companies in the Technology and Healthcare space, with meaningfully truncated downside and reduced risk.

About Us

George Douglas

“Stand out. Following the crowd will not get you there.”

George Douglas, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Managing Principal


Founded in 1973, SSI Investment Management is an institutional asset management firm that adds value by delivering better risk-adjusted returns for its clients, while focusing on safety, consistency, and preservation of capital.


SSI believes that building the right culture in its organization is of utmost importance. Investment professionals working in a positive, engaged, humble, and supportive culture deliver better investment performance and exceptional client experience.

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